Image 10I recently hosted a backbending workshop with a fellow teacher/friend of mine.  The ‘Backbending doesn’t have to be backbreaking’ workshop came about because I have had experience with extreme back pain and wanted to share the secrets I found to heal my back!  85% of the population has or will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime.  That is a large number of the population. With my yoga practice, I am hopeful to keep my back healthy!

As I heard from a lot of my students, especially those who didn’t come, backbending can cause some anxiety in people who aren’t familiar with the benefits of backbending and how to do them safely.  In the workshop we touched on the physical and mental benefits of backbending and why they should be incorporated into a yoga practice.  We had a great time on the mat breaking down each pose from the most basic level with the option to explore a more advanced level.

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who joined us in our workshop!

Remember, you are as young as your spine is supple!



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