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So as most of you know, when I left my corporate job in 2012, I started teaching yoga classes. I was pretty fortunate to begin teaching right away so I wasn’t without an income for long. I love teaching and connecting with others who are looking to create some peace and calm in their lives, even if it’s just for that one hour on the mat! What I didn’t love was the driving all over town to do what I loved. I hopped from one class to another, sometimes as many as 15 classes per week. I knew something had to change. I had to find some semblance of balance. It’s funny how getting unstuck from my corporate job, could now get me unstuck from just about anything. And it doesn’t take as long to figure out when something isn’t working!

Finally, leave it to synchronicity to pop in and give me yet another aha moment.

I had been using essential oils for quite some time, oils that I would pick up from the health food store. I really didn’t have any idea that there were different types or qualities of oils, until leave it to Google to inform me otherwise! Like I mentioned, synchronicity popped in and I was introduced to Young Living and my essential oil game stepped up, as did my understanding of the oils. These oils are bomb dot com, which means they are amazing! They have become a part of my daily life. I use the cleaning products in my home. I use the oils in my yoga classes. I use them topically, internally, you name it and I have a use for it. There is an oil for everything. I can’t get enough of these oils! They have changed my family and me for the better. The best part? There’s no catch! You’re not going to get temporary relief at the expense of another problem popping up later in life (say like taking 5 Advil a day causing you liver issues in 10 years). Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure, natural, therapeutic grade oils. They’re good for you!

So you wanna know my why? Why I am a part of this fabulous company, this company that I would have never expected to be a part of because I ran from every other multi level marketing company in the past. (Well, this one fit and when you know you know!) I am creating freedom in my life. I am living my life by design and not by default. I able work from home, be home with my kids, work on my garden, set my own hours, and love the work I do. I fell into this business and so happy I did. And I’m ready to show others how I’ve done it. I want others to join me on this journey, to learn how powerful these products are, how fulfilling this business is, to be mentored by me and be a part of the Live Well, Be Well, with Oils team, to create residual income while sharing products that literally change lives.

I would love for you to join me. Let’s do this! Let’s change our lives one drop at a time!

Email me at tiana@tianahill.com for details.

If you are ready to get started follow this link revolutionoils.com/tianahill to order your starter kit today!

Check out the income disclosure plan. These numbers are for real people!



And if you are interested in enjoying essential oils, but not looking to own a business I can show you how to get wholesale pricing with no obligations to sell. Send me an email and I will show you how!



Til next time!

Live Well, Be Well


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