I meet so many cool people in my yoga classes, people from all walks of life and who are there for so many different reasons. For the past few weeks I have had a gentleman and his adult daughter coming to my classes. His daughter was visiting and taking care of him and has since gone back to NY. He misses his daughter as she was his motivator to workout and eat healthy. She checks on him everyday! I think of my dad as he talks about how his daughter takes care of him.

This morning he shared with me that he started taking yoga because he can’t work out as strenuously as he once did. He has congenial heart failure and a host of other ailments that he is on medication for. Up until last year he was a professional bodybuilder. He worked out hard and ate “clean”. Since November, he has changed his workouts to a much gentler form and has cut out a lot of meat, which he finds boring and challenging. I shared with him that eating more of a plant-based diet can be challenging in the beginning and that preparation is key. It doesn’t seem as easy as grabbing a piece of chicken and veggies, and I can definitely see his point! I love talking food, sharing recipes and helping people make the veggie transition easier! This easy protein packed bowl is a go to for me! This recipe is so simple you don’t even need to measure the ingredients. Eyeball it and add more of what you like! See, easy!


Do you have a favorite go to plant-based, veggie meal? Share it below!


½ -1 c cooked quinoa

½ c organic black beans

¼ c organic corn

¼ c organic red bell pepper

½ sliced avocado

chopped red onions (as many as you like)

finely chopped lettuce (as much as you like) I like a lot of lettuce because it fills up the bowl and is an illusion of more food!

dash of salt and pepper



Cook quinoa according to package directions. Add to the bottom of a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Serves 1. This recipe is easy to double or triple, as you need!

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