amazing picI truly enjoy all of my yoga classes.  I have amazing yogis and friends come to my classes each week and sweat it out with me!  It is hot yoga after all!

I’m not sure if there was a full moon this week; guess I could check, because my classes were extraordinary!  Thanks to my fellow yogis!

Tuesday the energy was pretty high from the moment the yogis entered the studio.  As a yoga teacher was I supposed to bring that down a notch?  Balance it out a bit?  Well, I didn’t! I enjoy a strong class and so do most of my yogis, so we took the energy through the roof!  The music was bumping, the sweat was pouring, and the flow was strong.

We bowed in Namaste to close class but not before Adam, a new yogi to my class, said, “Can I just say something?” Of course we were all silent. No one has ever shouted out in the practice studio before, and just to paint the picture, Adam is 6’8 with a voice just as big!   He continued on to say, “You are all Amazing.  All of you!” All 18 of us laughed and maybe felt just a little closer, like we all had just shared in this pretty cool moment!  It was an Amazing class.

Thursday night we had quite a lot of the same yogis in class.  I love seeing mostly familiar, and all friendly faces! Brian, who has been at the studio since before I started there, is such an awesome guy.  He has such a friendly demeanor about him and he’s just one of those guys that everyone is happy to see.  Brian has been trying to get everyone to clap at the end of class.  He has done this by lightly clapping at the close of each class.   I always say thank you Brian!  Today, I thanked Brian and went on to say that Brian was trying to get the whole class to clap.  As if on cue, the whole class erupts in applause and even added in some whooping!  We did it!  We shared another awesome practice and felt so grateful in doing so.

I leave my classes with a full heart knowing that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.





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